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News and Notices:

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Item: Users of the Global Positioning System (GPS) in the vicinity of southern Chile, southern Argentina, and the Falkland Islands may experience short periods of high HDOP/PDOP (HDOP >6) at various times between 262300Z and 271100Z MAY 2016 due to satellite maintenance. For more information, please view the advisory.

Item: A continuing series of incidents have been reported in the general location of Incheon, Republic of Korea and the surrounding Gyeonggi and Gangwon provinces out to approximately 100 nautical miles beginning on or about 0000Z31March16.  For more information, please read the U.S. State Department Notice.

The current aids to navigation design framework needs to be updated to take into account technology advances that allow for better positioning and increased marine information.  Therefore, the Coast Guard will review the national levels of service provided to the mariner by the U.S. Aids to Navigation System (USATONS).  To determine the appropriate aids to navigation lay down, we must take a systematic and holistic approach that considers stakeholder input, environmental considerations, channel framework, user capabilities, training and carriage, available technology, and available resources.  Please assist us by providing your input to a Seacoast Waterways Analysis Management Survey.

Item: The final GPS IIF satellite has joined the GPS constellation; the Air Force 50th Space Wing recently accepted satellite control authority of the final Global Positioning System (GPS) IIF satellite from the GPS Directorate.  Read the full article at the Shriever U.S. Air Force Base website.
Item: The U.S. Coast Guard issued a press release regarding the use of electronic charts and publications instead of paper charts, maps and publications.  Read more...
Item: On 26 January at 12:49 a.m. MST, the 2nd Space Operations Squadron at the 50th Space Wing, Schriever Air Force Base, Colo., verified users were experiencing GPS timing issues due to a Global Positioning System ground software issue. Please read the official press release.
Item: On 19 Jan 2016, the U.S. Coast issued a safety alert on GPS that underscores
the need to be aware of the possibility of GPS disruption, and to report them immediately. "Global Navigation Satellite Systems - Trust, But Verify,
Report Disruptions Immediately".