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Nationwide Differential GPS (NDGPS)
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The U.S. Coast Guard DGPS service is available for positioning and navigation. Users may experience service interruptions without advance notice. U.S. Coast guard DGPS broadcasts should not be used under any circumstances where a sudden system failure or inaccuracy could constitute a safety hazard. Differential corrections are based on the NAD83 (2011) position of the reference station (REFSTA) antenna. Positions obtained using DGPS should be referenced to NAD 83 coordinate system only. All sites are broadcasting RTCM Type 9-3 correction messages.


1. The Cape Hinchinbrook DGPS beacon (292 KHz, Site ID 894) terminated at 1700Z (1200 EST), Jan 11, 2016

2. The Pahoa DGPS beacon (290 KHz, Site ID 877) terminated at 1500Z (1100EST), April 29, 2015

3. The Omaha DGPS beacon (298 KHz, Site ID 868) terminated at 1500Z (1100EST), May 15, 2013

For further inquiries, please contact the Navigation Information Service (NIS) via our Contact Us page or via phone at 703-313-5900.

Please report DGPS problems or outages at our report-a-problem page. Thank you in advance.

Use the pull-down menu below to select the site in which you are interested. Outages, if any, will be shown below the site parameters after you select the site in which you interested.