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America's Waterway Watch See Something Say Something
America's Waterway Watch See Something Say Something!

Practice Your Visual NAVRULES!

Presented below is a randomly selected visual NAVRULE problem from our flashcard database. In many cases, what is presented are words or phrases, and you should think of the definition or definitions that meet the condition(s) of the words or phrases. Then, click on the image to obtain the correct answer(s).

navRules - Flash Card Question

News and Notices:

Item: Get the latest News and Updates RSS Feeds (LNMs, LL Corrections)
Item: The Navigation Center has produced a consolidated Marine Safety Information data download page where you may access data files. Please review these files and provide us feedback so that we may improve our products...thank you.
Item: You are invited to visit the 21st Century / Future of Navigation Feedback Website to share your comments and provide feedback on the joint agency initiative that will determine user requirements and emerging needs for navigation information and services. The Coast Guard, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration are collaborating in the eNAV environment to promote safety and efficiency on the Marine Transportation System. For more information, please view our 21st Century / Future of Navigation Feedback Website information sheet.
Item: The Air Force GPS Operations Center links reports of GPS user equipment errors to flawed equipment processing of almanac data from PRN-30. Please read the Air Force statement.
Item: The Air Force has released a notice (General NANU) of the activation of new GPS signals.  The signals will be activated on April 28th, 2014.  Please read NANU #2014038 at the bottom of our Constellation Status Page.
Item: The 2014 Light Lists have been published and are now available for download from our website.
Item: CONSUMER ALERT: Using or importing cell jammers, GPS jammers, or other jamming devices is illegal. Please read Public Notice Doc. 39135/1, which is a consumer alert advising consumers of the law and penalties regarding jamming.
Item: The 2014 Light Lists are now available for download. These Light Lists are updated to LNM (53-2013). The electronic version of the Light Lists are updated monthly by the first Friday of each month.