In accordance with the USCG COMDTINST 5230.80, the following sets forth the levels of AIS real-time and historical data that the USCG may provide, which entities the USCG may provide the data to, and the proper request procedures.
Real-Time Data Feed Requests - Level A and Level B
Level A is unfiltered real-time data that is less than 96 hours from initial time of transmission.  Level A information may only be shared with U.S. or foreign government agencies (“Level A Entities”) for legitimate internal government use. 
Level B is filtered real-time data that is less than 96 hours from initial time of transmission, which may be shared with the “Level B Entities” below:
(a) Foreign governments or U.S. Federal, State, local and tribal government agencies;
(b) Non-governmental entities that are contractually supporting a Federal government agency’s operations or research and development efforts (with proper documentation);
(c) USCG-validated port partners (with proper documentation); and
(d) Non-governmental entities with which the U.S. has an established or formalized relationship.

For real-time data feed requests, please complete and submit the Data Feed Request Form.  Once approved, the requestor will be required to complete an Interconnection Security Agreement (ISA) with the Coast Guard.  The ISA defines the terms and conditions for data sharing between the customer and Coast Guard.

Basic user support related to AIS connectivity will be provided. Initial customer support is limited to providing software required for connection. Please note that the data provided is in NMEA version 4 format and viewing software is not provided.  All other support-related questions or concerns should be referred to your local IT support staff.

1. Minimum hardware necessary to run connection software:

- PC with a 1.5Ghz P4 processor or higher
- 1GB RAM or greater
- Linux, Windows, or Solaris Operating System, and
- J2SE 1.4.1 or greater

2. Minimum bandwidth required for each real time feed (in Kb/s):

- Unique Port (8303) with compression: ~125Kb/sec
- Standard/Full Port (8304) with compression: ~250Kb/sec
- Timed Port (8305) with compression 125Kb/sec
Historical Data Requests (HDR) �" Level C

Level C is filtered and unfiltered historical data that is more than 96 hours from initial time of transmission.  According to the USCG COMDTINST 5230.80 only requests from “Level A Entities” and “Level B Entities” should be submitted via this website.  NOTE: HDRs from non-governmental “Level B Entities” submitted via this website will be reviewed and granted in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), 5 U.S.C. �§552. 

All other public requests for historical data will only be accepted via the FOIA process which you can submit via the following webpage

For a HDR, please complete and submit the Historical Request Form.

All provided data may not be used for purposes other than those intended for the disclosure.  Foreign governments, Federal, State, local and tribal government agencies, and non-governmental entities shall not retransmit or redistribute AIS information (real-time or stored) in any form other than those intended for the disclosure as approved, and shall not charge a fee for its usage.