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Users of the Global Positioning System (GPS) in an area extending to the Northeast from Fort Collinson and Ulukhaktok to the Northeaster tip of Victoria Island in The Beaufort Sea, and in an area of the Antarctic Coast to the Southeast of the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands may experience short periods of high HDOP/PDOP (HDOP >6) at various times between 291123Z and 291131Z July 2016 due to satellite maintenance (please refer to NANU 2016047, available on our Constellation Status Page).

Predictions are based on a "Best Four" analysis to illustrate the worst case scenario and are provided for situational awareness only.

Shown below are slide which will give you information about the event.  You also may download a PDF version of these slides which shows NANU 2016032, and provides a graphic the time, length, location, and severity of the event.

Please report any outages through the NAVCEN "Report a GPS Problem" page.

Click on each image below to view a larger, more clear version.

29 July 2016 HDOP Event Introductory Slide 29 July 2016 HDOP Event NANU
29 July 2016 HDOP Event World HDOP Baseline 29 July 2016 HDOP Event North Canada High HDOP
29 July 2016 NORTHCOM High HDOP 29 July 2016 HDOP Event Spike Chart