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1913 CAPT C.E. Johnson
1914 CAPT J.H. Quinan
1915-16 CAPT F.A. Levis
1919 CAPT H.G. Fisher
1920 LCDR O.F.A. DeOtte
1921 CDR A.L. Gambe
1922-23 CDR B.M. Chiswell
1924 CDR W.J. Wheeler
1925-26 CDR H.G. Fisher
1927-28 CDR W.M. Hunter
1929 CDR T.M. Molloy
1930 CAPT C.M. Gabbett
1931 LCDR N.G. Ricketts
1932 CAPT W.T. Stromberg
1933 LT R.M. Hoyle
1934 CDR W.J. Keester
1935 CDR E.D. Jones
1936 LT G. Van A. Graves
1937 CDR G.W. MacLane
1938 CDR C.H. Dench
1939-40 CDR E.H. Smith
1941 CDR P.K. Perry
1946 RADM E.G. Rose
1946-47 Commodore L.W. Perkins
1948 CAPT D.G. Jacobs
1949 CAPT J.F. Jacot
1950 CAPT J.A. Glynn
1951-54 CAPT G. Van A. Graves
1955-58 CAPT K.S. Davis
1959 CAPT V.F. Tydlacka
1960-62 CAPT R.P. Bullard
1963 CAPT J.E. Richey
1964 CDR G.O. Thompson
1964 CDR W.E. Murphy
1964-66 CAPT R.L. Fuller
1967-68 CDR J.E. Murray
1933-1963 CAPT F.M. Soule, USCGR, IIP Oceanographer
1969-70 CDR J.R. Kelley
1971-73 CAPT E.A. Delaney
1974-77 CDR A.D. Super
1978 CAPT T.C. Volkle
1979-80 CDR J.C. Bacon
1981-83 CDR J.J. McClelland Jr.
1983 LCDR A.D. Summy
1984-86 CDR N.C. Edwards, Jr.
1986-89 CDR S.R. Osmer
1989-92 CDR J.J. Murray
1992-94 CAPT A.D. Summy
1994-1997 CDR R.L. Tuxhorn
1997-2000 CDR S.L. Sielbeck
2000-2003 CDR R.L. Desh
2003-2007 CDR M.R. Hicks
2007-2010 CDR S.D. Rogerson
2010-2013 CDR L.K. Mack
2013-Present CDR G.G. McGrath
The International Ice Patrol suspended operations from 1916 to 1919 to assist in World War 1 efforts.

In December 1942, based on then-existing war conditions and disruption to normal maritime commerce and practices in the North Atlantic, the president approved the recommendation of the Commandant of the Coast Guard for suspension of the International Service of Ice Observation and Ice Patrol. With the passing of these extraordinary conditions the IIP was resumed in 1946.