This collage displays four of the many significant features in the Ice Patrol's history: The lower left corner shows a photo of the RMS Titanic, the sinking of which is responsible for the creation of the International Ice Patrol. The upper left corner shows a photo of RADM Edward "Iceberg" Smith, who was arguably the most prominent Commander in IIP's history. Among other achievements, he served with the Greenland Patrol during the onset of World War 2. He is shown here examining a Nansen Bottle; an oceanographic instrument used to collect seawater samples and temperatures at different depths in the ocean. The upper right corner shows a photo of an HU-16E Grumman Albatross aircraft flying over an iceberg used during aerial bombing experiments in 1959. The lower right corner shows a photo of a seaman aboard the CGC Evergreen about to mark an iceberg with a bow and arrow tipped with red dye. Evolutions such as these were conducted both shipside and from the air in the late 1960's for berg tracking experiments.