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Item: The Coast Guard will be conducting targeted industry outreach ahead of key fishing seasons as noted below:
Coast Guard District 5 “Safe Catch”; Cape May, NJ (Nov 2021):
Coast Guard District 11 “Safe Crab” San Francisco, CA (Nov 2021):
To locate a Fishing Vessel Safety Examiner in your area to discuss Fishing Vessel Examinations or local training opportunities, access “find an examiner” at: Fishing Vessel Safety CG-CVC-3 ( Questions concerning this posting may be directed to the Office of Commercial Vessel Compliance, Fishing Vessel Safety Division (CG-CVC-3) at
Item: The Coast Guard has released an updated Cyber Security Outlook (CSO) to address the rising threat of cyber-attacks against critical maritime systems essential to the Nation's economy and security. The CSO charts a path meeting the challenges of rapidly evolving cyber domain threats outpacing those from traditional domains. Read more...
Item: The OCS Officer in Charge, Marine Inspection (OCMI) has released MSIB 21-02, Hurricane Season Reporting Requirements, to provide guidance for operators on the Outer Continental Shelf. There are two minor changes from last year’s MSIB (20-04). The D8 Command Center phone number is now 855-485-3727 (GULFSAR), and FPU’s & FPSO’s are specifically included within the MSIB text. Read more...
Item: The Navigation Center is now publishing Broadcast Notices to Mariners (BNMs) in filterable, digital format for the 5th and 13th Coast Guard Districts, as well as part of the 1st Coast Guard District. You can search the database using a wide variety of parameters to get the BNMs you need the most. You may view the BNM page now.