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LORAN C (archive)
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The Specification of the Transmitted LORAN-C Signal, 1994 Edition, is intended as a reference document. It consists of definitions, specifications, and explanations for general distribution to designers, manufacturers and users. You may download each section of each chapter individiually or the complete document in self-extracting file (8 Megs).

Chapter 1 Section A, PDF Format 553 KB
Section B, PDF Format 860 KB
Chapter 2 Section A, PDF Format 749 KB
Section B, PDF Format 560 KB
Section C, PDF Format 943 KB
Section D, PDF Format 879 KB
Section E, PDF Format 726 KB
Section F, PDF Format 584 KB
Chapter 3 PDF Format 230 KB
Chapter 4 PDF Format 149 KB
Appendix A PDF Format 398 KB
Appendix B PDF Format 453 KB
Appendix C

Section 1, PDF Format 439 KB
Section 2, PDF Format 567 KB

Appendix D PDF Format 43 KB