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Maritime Information

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This page allows you to retrieve selected navigation regulations that pertain to your State or U.S. Coast Guard Sector. Please note that this search is not exhaustive of all rules that may impact marine navigation and is limited to Federal navigation regulations in effect prior to March 2005; other State and local rules may also be applicable (see the NASBLA Reference Guide to State Boating Laws).

Prior to navigating, always consult the Local Notice to Mariners and listen for Broadcast Notice to Mariners for your area for the most current information.

Select from the following types of regulations:
( 33 CFR 80 ) (What is this?)
( 33 CFR 110 ) (What is this?)
( 33 CFR 161 ) (What is this?)
( 33 CFR 162 ) (What is this?)
( 33 CFR 165 ) (What is this?)
( 33 CFR 166 ) (What is this?)
( 33 CFR 167 ) (What is this?)
( 33 CFR 168 ) (What is this?)
( 33 CFR 169 ) (What is this?)

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