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GPS SPS Signal Specification, 2nd Edition (June 2, 1995)

You may download the GPS Signal Specification, 2nd Edition, dated June 2nd, 1995, using the links below. The document is provided in 2 parts.  Both files are provided in Adobe PDF format. To view or print these files you will need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

  1. GPS SPS Signal Specification - Main Document (1,062kb, PDF)
  2. GPS SPS Signal Specification - Annex A thru C (1,141kb, PDF)

Document Certification: The document provided on electronic media is the same as the paper master presented with the letter of promulgation; however, since modifications to the electronic version cannot be prevented once delivered, the paper master with the letter of promulgation is considered to be the ONLY certified version of the GPS SPS Signal Specification.

The latest signal specification document, now called the "Global Positioning System Standard Positioning Service Performance Standard" is available from our GPS Technical References page.