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Frequently Asked Questions

ⓘ  As questions are received and answered, they will be added to this section, and an updated version of this App Service will be posted.

Q: When I get to the button that says “Print / Save Checklist” it only gives me options to print. How do I save?

A: Because this is a “web application,” there is no server running in the background to take your data and convert it to a text file or Word document. So, the only way to “save” your information as a file is to “print” to a PDF or XPS. After you have selected which sections you wish to save and click the “Print” button, your computer will open a print dialogue box where you can select a printer, or to save the checklist as an XPS or PDF document.

Q: Why do I have to put in a VIN? Can I complete this form without a VIN?

A: The ITV Decision Aid needs to create a file with a specific name in order to store the data on your computer as you are completing the form. This file can then be exported (saved) so that the information you have entered can be reloaded at a later date. Therefore, it was felt that using the VIN of a vessel would be the easiest thing for owner/operators to use. If you don’t want to use your VIN, that’s OK. But, the VIN field has to have something in it for the application to function. If you would prefer to use your vessel’s name, or something else, that’s fine… just don’t forget what you used.

Q: Why can’t I immediately go back to a section to change something? Why do I have to wait till the Validation page to make changes?

A: In order to make this application as usable as possible on low bandwidth connections, using browser technology that is common to all browsers and operating systems, and safeguarding the privacy of anyone using this application, we had to trade some usability features for more stable functionality features. Unfortunately, this means that you can only answer questions in the order that they are asked. This also means that you can only correct mistakes in two ways: 1) make the necessary changes on the validation page, or 2) go back to the first page and make a fresh start.

Q: Why does the screen sometimes “flicker” when I complete a section?

A: We didn’t want users to feel overwhelmed by a long list of questions, or have to be constantly scrolling down the page, so we divided the “form” into smaller sections. Each time that you complete a section and click the Next button, the data from that section is saved, that section closes, and the next section opens. Unfortunately, on some older or slower systems this may cause the screen to flicker, but it will have no result on your data or your ability to complete the application.

Q: When I printed the checklist it was 57 pages, it included the checklist for each requirement, and the page breaks would split a single requirement between two pages. Is this necessary?

A: As we can’t predict the level of information that every user may or may not want, we designed the application to give as much as possible. Understandably, this may be more than most will need. Our recommendation is that you use the print function to “save” the checklist as a PDF or XPS, review the checklist, and then print only those sections that you wish to have a hard copy of.

     As for the page breaks, unfortunately, browsers lack the "intelligence" to determine where breaks should or should not occur, and the dynamic nature of the checklist prevents us from adding coding that will assist in this.

Q: When I’m on the Validation page, when I change some things, nothing happens, but some changes make me go back and do part of the questions over again. Why?

A: Whether you can change an answer on the Validation page, or have to go back to a section on the Question page, depends on dependencies for that question. For instance, changing the name of vessel has no effect on its route or equipment. However, changing the route will also change its safety equipment.


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