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General Information

ⓘ  The Coast Guard Inspected Towing Vessel Decision Aid (CG_ITV) is an official product of the United States Coast Guard, developed by the United States Coast Guard Force Readiness Command at Performance Technology Center.

  • Branch Chief - LCDR Brett Gary
  • Lead Developer - Iain M. Guthrie
  • Developer - Todd Hughson

    Base code for this app is:
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ⓘ  The icon for this app features the maritime signal flag for "I require a tug." To learn more about maritime signal flags, download the USCG Flag Recognition App.


Product Information

46 CFR subchapter M established safety regulations governing the inspection, standards, and safety management systems of towing vessels. The regulations are based on various parameters or breakpoints. This application is designed to help prepare a towing vessel for inspection and to inspect the vessel.

⚠  In order for this application to generate an appropriate custom checklist of requirements, each question must be accurately answered - unanswered questions may have a dramatic affect on the output of this decision aid.

NOTICE: No information herein, or checklist generated by this web tool, is intended to supersede or conflict with current laws, regulations, or directives of the United States, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, or the U.S. Coast Guard. If information provided by the "Inspected Towing Vessel application" is inconsistent with law or regulation, then that information is invalid. Please contact the Towing Vessel National Center of expertise, your nearest Coast Guard Towing Vessel Coordinator or Inspector for any questions.

Although the ITV DA will work in any browser on any operating system, it has been optimized for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera on Windows 8 or greater.


Saving & Printing

In order to save the completed checklist, instead of printing it, you will need to have a portable document program installed on your computer. Examples of this are Adobe Acrobat Pro, Mircosoft XPS Document Writer, Microsoft OneNote, etc.


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CG_ITV (Version 3.81) Developed by the United States Coast Guard Force Readiness Command at Performance Technology Center for Towing Vessel National Center of Expertise.