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News and Notices:

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Item: Reports of GPS problems submitted by the public are now available on NAVCEN’s website. Read the full CGSIC Bulletin.
Item: Announcement of the annual Public Interface Control Working Group and public forum to address changes to GPS public interface documents has been published. On 12 September 2018 the GPS Program Office will propose several changes to the Public Interface Control Documents concerning GPS users. GPS users, equipment manufacturers, and other stakeholders are encouraged to attend and participate in the process.
Item: Users of the Global Positioning System (GPS) may experience a short period of high Horizontal Dilution of Precision (HDOP) / Position Dilution of Precision (PDOP) in the locations indicated in the HDOP Advisory for 22-23 June 2018.
Item: In response to reports of continuing GPS Interference in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, the Maritime Administration has released Maritime Advisory 2018-007-GPS Interference-Eastern Mediterranean Sea.
Item: The United States Coast Guard is seeking input for a study of navigation requirements for the entire Western Rivers System in its efforts to improve the aids to navigation system. Please view the news release which explains the study, or go directly to the survey.
Item: The Department of Homeland Security has released a memorandum titled U.S. Owners and Operators using GPS to Obtain Time intended to provide an understanding of the possible effects of the April 6, 2019 GPS Week Number Rollover on Coordinated Universal Time derived from GPS devices.
Item: The Global Positioning Systems Directorate has proposed a change to remove the plane/slot/clock assignments provided in the daily GPS Operational Advisory message. This may impact users of information posted to our GPS Constellation Status page.
Item: DGPS sites will be decommissioned in a phased manner over the next three years. For more information, see the Federal Register Notice
Item: In response to increased Arctic shipping traffic, the United States and the Russian Federation have proposed a system of two-way routes for vessels to follow in the Bering Strait and Bering Sea.  You may read the Coast Guard news release or go directly to the IMO proposal document.