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News and Notices:

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Item: The U.S. Coast Guard is conducting an assessment of the Shallow Draft Waterways System (SDWS), the fourth in a series of studies to determine the navigation requirements for mariners in the U.S. Marine Transportation System (MTS).  The Waterways Analysis and Management System (WAMS) study will help the Coast Guard to determine the Aids to Navigation (ATON) requirements in the SDWS which includes all navigable waterways of the United States less than 12 feet. Please read our SDWS page to learn more, participate, and take the survey.
Item: U.S. Coast Guard Sector New York announces two virtual public meetings via webinar and teleconference to provide an opportunity for oral comments about the Northern New York Bight Port Access Route Study.  An agenda is also posted.
You may view the page and the agenda.
Item: The Navigation Center is now publishing Broadcast Notices to Mariners (BNMs) for the 5th Coast Guard District.  You can search the database using a wide variety of parameters to get the BNMs you need the most. View the BNM page now.