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If your GPS unit or others' GPS units are leading people to an incorrect address OR are otherwise leading people to an incorrect location, the problem is not likely a "GPS" problem, but rather, it is very likely a MAPPING problem.

Unfortunately, the Navigation Center cannot assist you with GPS unit mapping problems, as we do not develop, control, nor repair the mapping software contained in GPS units, including vehicle navigation systems.

To correct mapping problems such as an incorrect address, or to request a change to the address for a business or home, or to add an address, please submit your corrections to these websites: Tele Atlas and NAVTEQ .

Please understand that until mapping software is updated in GPS units (owners must usually purchase and install update mapping data), GPS units will continue to show previously incorrect addresses or locations. Again, this is not a GPS problem.

The Navigation Center thanks you for your patience regarding this matter. Please report all other GPS problems our GPS Problem Report form.