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The use of the standard unencrypted FTP protocol is no longer permitted according to DHS Policy Enforcement Point Policy Statement (5.4.5.e).  The use of the unencrypted FTP protocol is scheduled to be disabled on the FTP Server on October 31, 2012.  At that time only the SFTP protocol will be available as a service on the server; therefore, all users will be required to use secure FTP application that supports SSH/SFTP connection.
There are alternate solutions to consider if you are unable to connect to our secure FTP server or if your requested data exceeds the compressed 10MB file size for emailing.

1.  Your Secure FTP Site:  If your agency has an established FTP site, you can provide us with the necessary information and we can upload the data to your secure FTP site.  We can notify you when the process is complete.

2.  Portable Hard Drives:  You may mail or carrier Deliver your own portable hard drive, including a self-addressed mailing label.  However, beginning December 1, 2012, only encrypted hard drives will be acceptable and allowed to connect to the Coast Guard computer system for data downloads.  Acceptable encrypted portable hard drives includes:

  • MXI Stealth Security HDD
  • McAfee Encrypted USB Hard Drive
  • Imation Defender H100 External Hard Drive
  • Imation Defender H200 External Hard Drive
  • DLI DataLocker Enterprise External USB Hard Drive
  • BUSlink CipherShield USB 2.0 AES 256-bit Encryption External Drive
  • BUSlink CipherShield USB 3.0 AES 256-bit Encryption External Drive

3.  CD/DVD:  We may burn your data on CD/DVDs for shipping.  Keep in mind that this option may involve additional processing time and you will be required to provide a self-addressed mailing label of where to ship your completed request.