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Maritime Information

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The Coast Guard Office of Vessel Traffic Management (G-MWV) continues to conduct assessments - below you can access the PAWSA Final Report (in Adobe Acrobat format) which summarizes the first 28 assessments completed.

The Final Report is broken into three sections:

  1. Table of Contents - Outlines the next two sections.
  2. Executive Summary - Provides an overview of the process and results by Risk Factor.
  3. Appendix A - An overview of each ports results.

In addition, the Workshop Reports for each of the ports/waterways is listed below. These reports will give a detailed description of the discussions, numbers, and results for each PAWSA. You may notice a line in the introduction of each Workshop Report that reads, "Strategies for reducing unmitigated risks will be the subject of a separate report." That report is known as the Strategy Plan and was given to each of the Marine Safety Offices (MSO) that sponsored a PAWSA. If you wish to see that report, please contact the appropriate MSO. All PAWSAs that take place after July 03 will only have one report, and that report will be publicly available.

Aleutian Islands Maui, Hawaii Aug 2009
Baltimore Oahu, Hawaii Aug 2009
Boston Pascagoula
Buzzards Bay Passamaquoddy Bay, ME
Charleston Oct 1999, Charleston Jul 2010 Philadelphia
Chicago Ponce
Corpus Christi, Sep 2015 Port Arthur
Cincinnati Jan 2001, Cincinnati Jul 2008 Port Everglades
Columbia River Port Fourchon
Cook Inlet Port Lavaca
Coos Bay Portland (ME)
Detroit San Diego
Hampton Roads, June 2001 San Francisco Nov 1999, San Fransisco Aug 2008
Hampton Roads, July 2016 San Juan Islands
Haro Strait Sault Ste. Marie
Honolulu Savanah
Houston 2000, Houston / Galveston 2009 St. Louis
Lake Charles Tampa
Long Island Sound Texas City
Los Angeles, Aug 2015 Torres Strait
Louisville Additional files to be added as received
Miami .
Morgan City  
Narragansett Bay  
New York Sep 2008