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Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment Workshop Regarding Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts
The U.S. Coast Guard is soliciting for members of the public to participate in a Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment (PAWSA) workshop. Workshop participants will convene in Wareham, Massachusetts on February 7-8 for a structured workshop with facilitated sessions aimed to ensure the environmental protection and safe navigation of the Buzzards Bay waterway system.

The Coast Guard will select participants based on their waterway expertise to create a broad cross-section of Buzzards Bay stakeholders. Members of the public who wish to participate in the workshop are invited to provide their name, contact information, connection to the waterway, experience, and related skills to by December 22, 2017.   Formal invitations to selectees will follow.
Buzzards Bay PAWSA Workshop Informational Webinar Recordings
Coast Guard experts hosted two informational webinars on the PAWSA process on Jan. 10, 2018.   Thank you to those who participated.  Please access the content any time with unlimited viewing.

01/10/2018 @10:00 am
01/10/2018 @7:00 pm
Risk Assessment Process
The risk assessment process is a disciplined approach to identify major waterway safety hazards, estimate risk levels, evaluate potential mitigation measures, and set the stage for implementation of selected measures to reduce risk. The process involves convening a select group of waterway users / stakeholders and conducting a two-day structured workshop to meet these objectives. A sponsor (e.g., Captain of the Port) is required to initiate and manage the workshop. However, the process must be a joint effort involving waterway users, stakeholders, and the agencies / entities responsible for implementing selected risk mitigation measures.

The risk assessment process represents a significant part of joint public-private sector planning for mitigating risk in waterways. When applied consistently and uniformly in a number of waterways, the process is expected to provide a basis for making best value decisions for risk mitigation investments, both on the local and national level.

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For more information on the PAWSA program, please use our "Contact Us" form and select "Ports and Waterways Safety Assessment (PAWSA) from the pull down menu.