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Rule 36 - Signals to Attraction Attention

If necessary to attract the attention of another vessel, any vessel may make light or sound signals that cannot be mistaken for any signal authorized elsewhere in these Rules, or may direct the beam of her searchlight in the direction of the danger, in such a way as not to embarrass any vessel.  Any light to attract the attention of another vessel shall be such that it cannot be mistaken for any aid to navigation. For the purpose of this Rule the use of high intensity intermittent or revolving lights, such as strobe lights, shall be avoided. [Intl]

Rule 37 - Distress Signals

When a vessel is in distress and requires assistance she shall use or exhibit the signals described in Annex IV to these Regulations.

Rule 37
Distress Signals 72 COLREGS
Distress Signals 72 COLREGS

The distress signals for inland waters are the same as those displayed in the table above with the following additional signal:

Rule 37 - Inland only
A high intensity white light flashing at regular intervals from 50 to 70 times per minute.
A high intensity white light flashing


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