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Vessel Information Verification Service (VIVS)

The VIVS is a NAVCEN web service that allows you to retrieve a vessel’s broadcasted AIS static data, i.e Maritime Mobile Service Identity (MMSI), call sign, name, number, dimensions, draft, type, and positioning source, received within our NAIS coverage area*. Search result(s) will also highlight any discrepancies of this data with corresponding official data from the vessel’s Radio Ship Station License (via FCC ULS) and/or Certificate of Documentation (via USCG PSIX)**.

What_You_See_With_AIS_VIVS Image

* Note, the search results provided are not world-wide nor real-time; it is limited to our NAIS coverage area and may lag up to two business days.

** Your AIS data should mirror the information from your official documents. For guidance on how to properly set-up your AIS, download our AIS Encoding Guide and Inspection Checklist.