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Public Notices for Bridges - Expired
District 8 r

The U.S. Coast Guard uses public notices to notify the public of proposed bridge activities and to solicit comments regarding those activities.

This Public Notices for Bridges - Expired page is updated as bridge-related public notices become available or expire. A Public Notice is removed from this page after the comment period closes. Once they expire, the notices are moved to the Public Notices for Bridges - Expired page and eventually to the Public Notices for Bridges - Archives. The notices are available for download in Portable Document File (PDF) Format. You may download the free Adobe Reader.

The files presented are web-searchable copies and are not the official, signed version; however, other than the signature being omitted, they are a duplicate of the official version.

13 Expired Public Notice(s) found for bridge projects in District 8r.

Upper Mississippi River, MO
Arkansas Waterway, VA
Arkansas Waterway, OK
Upper Mississippi River, IL
Upper Mississippi River, IA
Upper Mississippi River, IL