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The GPS Directorate (SMC/GP) is conducting Live-Sky CNAV testing prior to deployment of the Next Generation Operational Control System (OCX). CNAV is a capability to be provided by Civil Navigation message types for the purpose of improved GPS navigation through the use of signals L2C and L5. The full operational L2C CNAV capability will be included in the initial OCX delivery which is scheduled for deployment in mid-2016. The purpose of the testing is to ensure enterprise-level readiness to operate, broadcast and receive the modernized civil navigation messages on L2C and L5.

SMC/GP CNAV Live-Sky testing program will span several years and will evolve to support GPS Enterprise and modernized civil navigation performance objectives. The initial CNAV Live-Sky Broadcast is tentatively scheduled for the 15-29 June 2013.

The SMC/GP CNAV Test Program is focused on achieving the following two objectives:

1. Verify and validate the CNAV requirements specified IS-GPS-200F and IS-GPS-705B.

2. Facilitate the development of robust IS-compliant L2C and L5 Civil receivers.

Full Test Plan: L2C_L5_CNAV_Test_Plan.pdf