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The Maritime Safety Information (MSI) Pilot Project is a Coast Guard District 5 wide effort to test new methods to format and distribute MSI which is optimized for modern electronic systems such as cell phones and electronic chart systems. The project now covers the entirety of District 5, delivering BNMs to inboxes and the web through an RSS service. Additionally, MSIBs and other message types, including new formats, will be added.  Through the power of Gov Delivery, a free online subscription service, mariners can subscribe to selected “Topics”, based on geographical areas, to receive information that has traditionally only been available through VHF-FM marine band radio. This change greatly enhances the mariner’s ability to plan before and during transit.
This project has the potential to increase the safety and efficiency of the maritime community by providing additional methods to pull down, receive, and organize pertinent information. The Navigation Center and District Five are laying the foundation, with the goal of deploying the new MSI scheme Coast Guard wide by early 2019.
Initially, this project will electronically distribute Broadcast Notice to Mariners (BNMs).   Shortly their after, Marine Safety Information Bulletins (MSIBs) will be added as well.  BNMs and MSIBs are very similar in nature, and historically BNMs were optimized for voice transmission via marine VHF radio, and MSIBs were intended for hard copy circulation.  Technology has blurred the differences between the two message types and this project will explore their potential convergence. Format changes will be introduced periodically, and the frequency of updates will increase – these changes will be documented on this webpage.

To subscribe to “Topics” or view the RSS feeds please follow this link: Subscription Services / RSS

Figure 1- Screenshot of the RSS feed from a smartphone with new subject line format

Figure 1 - Screenshot of the RSS feed from a smartphone with new subject line format

If you have any questions, please use our Contact Us page.

Changes have been incorporated in the BNM subject line to allow the user to quickly discern which messages are relevant to their particular voyage from the subject line, as displayed on a PDA. 
Further changes will be incorporated to make the BNM more universally applicable in the near future.
The BNM subject line for the pilot project has been enhanced and follows formatting per the following standard: BNMSubjectLineFormatChange.pdf
This project, in its current test phase, is delivering messages on a "24 x 7" basis.
The project currently covers BNMs issued by Sectors Delaware Bay, Hampton Roads, National Capital Region, and North Carolina, as well CG District 5.

Maritime Safety Information Data Files